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Oasis in San Tan Valley for a workshop or event. A world away . . . right around the corner.



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Looking for a place to host your workshop or event?

Oasis in San Tan Valley is the ideal place to host your workshop. Our studio has everything you'll need to make your event not only successful, but relaxing, rejuvenating and memorable for your attendees.

Oasis San Tan Valley Peace FrogWithin our beautiful studio, you find simple, yet comforting decor, using natural elements to make our space welcoming and inviting to all who enter. With both zen and tropical touches, Oasis in San Tan Valley provides a peaceful and uncluttered environment that promotes relaxation, calmness and serenity. We also offer delicious vegetarian and/or vegan cuisine for your event.

Contact Kay today to oganize your workshop or event, at 480/310-0773. We look forward to seeing you!



Oasis San Tan Valley // 1950 W. Half Moon Circle // San Tan Valley, AZ 81542 // 480-310-0773 // OasisSanTanValley@gmail.com