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Aromatherapy ~ $15

To receive the benefits of aromatherapy during your massage simply choose from the following essential oil blends made right here at Oasis:

Stress Relief ~ Revive ~ Pregnancy ~ Sore Muscle Relief

(Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances which are extracted from flowers, grasses, leaves, roots, fruits, and trees.  They have been used for thousands of years as the “fragrant pharmacy”. For more information on essential oils be sure to ask for the “Aromatherapy Information” sheet during your next visit.)


Paraffin Hand or Foot Dip~$10


Peppermint Hot Towel Foot Scrub (Adds 10 Minutes) ~$18

Treat your feet! This delectable add-on includes the use soothing hot towels, peppermint salt scrub, and a hydrating peppermint lotion. Leaves your feet feeling happy and refreshed.


Aromatherapy Facial Massage (Adds 10 Minutes)~ $18

A delightful facial massage using a special blend of hydrating and nourishing oils chosen especially for the delicate facial skin. Extremely relaxing for the mind and body while providing immediate rejuvenation and long lasting benefits to the tissues of the facial area.


Warm Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage (Adds 10 Minutes)


A luxurious treatment of soothing warm oil, oh so yummy scalp massage & hot towels. Ahhhh. A blend of Jojoba oil from the Mexican Simmondsia Chinensis Seed, and essential oils are applied to your thirsty hair & scalp, infusing moisture into hair, adding shine & mending split ends. Must be applied to damp hair and remain on hair for 1 hour.


Moisturizing Shea Butter Hand & Foot Treatment (Adds 10 Minutes)$12

This soothing creamy, dreamy treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling “like butta”! Your hands and feet will receive an extra 10 minutes of pampering massage with nourishing Shea Butter. A necessity for desert living!


 Sugar or Salt Scrub(Adds 10 Minutes)~$18



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