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Hynosis with Certified Hypnotherapist Kay Koski at Oasis at San Tan Valley.

Kay is an experienced, professional Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  Her objective is, through Hypnotherapy, to create a sense of peace and harmony within the individual so that challenges can be met and dealt with in a positive manner, thus making the journey toward wellness and peace of mind less traumatic. __________________________________________________

The American Medical Association officially recognizes hypnosis as an effective therapy.

Hypnosis is a highly successful, clinically proven behavior modification approach that has been used for thousands of years.  Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused awareness and it is 100% natural and normal. Consider this: Everybody enters every state of hypnosis every day. When you daydream, get lost in a book, TV or a video game you are entering hypnosis. The thoughts and ideas you are exposed to at these times can profoundly alter you mind and body. The real question is how can we best utilize our natural states of hypnosis? There are only two choices:

1.  Learn to use your altered states to your benefit.

2.  Continue to use your altered states unawares and unwittingly.



Hypnotherapy Services:

~   Smoking Cessation

~   Weight Loss

~   Control Eating Disorders

~   Overcome Emotional Distress

~   Past Life Regression

~   Anxiety

~   Manage Insomnia, Sleep Disorders

~   Manage Addiction

~   Motivation

~   Confidence

~   Public Speaking

~   Fears


~   Pain Management

~   Prepare for Upcoming Surgery Easier, Recovery Faster

~   Allergy Relief

~   Anger Management

~   Road Rage

~   Sales

~   Time Management

~   Become a Better Athlete

~   Fear of Flying

~   Relationship Improvement

~   Fear of Test Taking

~   Manage Depression

Many hynosis services are most beneficial when conducted privately. Other services, however, are highly effective when experienced in a group setting. We offer private sessions as well Hypnosis Workshops and Classes.


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